This blog is meant to share my experience as a Windows Systems Admin/Engineer in the hopes that others will find answers they are looking for to deal with technology issues, the job market, corporate cultures, change management processes, etc.  We are the front line for architecting, engineering, troubleshooting, putting out the fires others, and sometimes we ourselves, start, planning, growth and so much more.  We are the corporate technology gatekeepers.  We have the futures of businesses small and large in our hands, impacting the bottom line of companies anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars.

Whether or not you have college degrees and/or certifications, you will ultimately run into a situation – technical in nature or not –  that will stump you.  While we are all intelligent enough to figure out solutions for ourselves, most of us still resort to searching for answers in the environment we are most familiar with – the Internet.

It is my hope that you will find the answers you search for in the contents of these pages and posts. If you are looking for answers, ask questions.  If you choose to answer others here, be helpful and respectful.


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